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Ready to learn Italian?

Click the link below to SKYROCKET your vocabulary and SKYROCKET your comprehension skills over the next 30 days. Andiamo! Lets go.


1000 words in 30 days
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         Who is Arlette?

  • Singer, Italian Teacher, Butterfly. Proud Trinidadian-American. Official Anthem Singer of the New Jersey Devils Hockey Team. Mother of two awesome kiddies. Promoter of positivity and good vibes! Learn more about my story at

  • Through the years, I have developed a great passion for the Italian language, culture, food, fashion, music - Italy is amazing and there is so much to love! I have traveled there often and I have also studied the Italian language extensively, even going so far as to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Italian. But I was already fluent long before attaining my degree, and I do believe my learning was greatly accelerated because of my love for Italian music. My lessons and teaching method reflect my passion for both teaching Italian and for singing, and I use a fun, engaging, immersive way to teach my students and help them along on their own journeys to fluency. If you are ready to learn Italian in a different way than what's currently out there, you've landed at the right spot!

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This is your year to learn to speak Italian.

My Method - Ascolta, Parla, Canta!

Ascolta = Listen

In my lessons, you will be LISTENING to relevant and useful Italian dialogue, phrases and grammar that would greatly help you to perfect your Italian pronunciation and boost your confidence when speaking.

Parla = Speak

You will be listening to my conversations with my son Corrado and others. You will also be encouraged to SPEAK out loud the dialogue, vocabulary and song lyrics contained in the lessons, which would greatly accelerate your journey from comprehension to conversation.


Canta = Sing

Learning a new language through SINGING and listening to music has been proven to be a highly effective tool on the pathway to fluency. It's also so much more fun than overdosing on grammar rules! Enjoy listening to some of the most beautiful songs in the world that I sing in Italian, accompanied by the lyrics.